Almost all religions are based on the same foundation.
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To be able to deconstruct all human belief techniques on life we will need to work with a religion as an example. We will be deconstructing Scientology as that example.

Keep in mind throughout this article that what we are usually deconstructing is not Scientology itself yet all human beliefs on life, including the beliefs you may hold beloved today.

When reading this article please keep in mind that it is not a goal to single out, criticize or poke fun at any religion. Keep these points in your mind:

Scientology, like any organized religion, provides probably helped just as many since it has hurt. This does not ensure it is completely good nor does it allow it to be completely bad.

The way this religious beliefs is founded is what we are wanting to understand because this founding process (the foundation) relates to all organized beliefs. That founding is what we are worried about, not the doctrine.

The man which founded this religion is no longer about. Like any religion handed over to a “new set of leaders”, we can watch because the religion changes dramatically in the post-founder transition phase.

To think that one technology fiction author in the 1950’s can create a religion that spreads globally in only a few decades should be fascinating to any student of the human condition. It should even be fascinating to some Scientologist, because this point is an in the past recorded fact.
That said, while this article references the CoS, this article is about the CoS just as much as it is about Hinduism. This article is about deconstructing just about all human beliefs on life making use of one example.

The first key to understanding human beliefs is to realize that the human condition has not changed in millennia. Human beings are fundamentally the same today as they were 5, 000 years back. The same techniques to start a religion or even cult would not be fundamentally distinct from they would be 5, 000 years ago.

That said, it matters not whenever we deconstruct a religion from two, 000 years ago or a religion like Scientology that is only decades aged. At their foundation, the founding techniques and the fundamentals behind all of human belief systems are essentially the same, as you will see.

The reason we are using Scientology as an example? It is the best example to use:

It is approximately 50-60 years old. Other religions are one, 400 to over 2, 500 many years older. This young age gives us more accurate historical accounts from the members of the family and associates of those who founded the religion. We also have a lot more recorded history.

We know, with overall certainty, that Scientology was founded simply by one man. (L. Ron Hubbard). In other religions it is not always clear who exactly founded it. It is typically one individual charismatic male who also founds a religion.

We are viewing the “next set” of frontrunners take L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology and change it into the next version: The “post-founder” transition. This “post-founder” transition is the most drastic transition in a religion and you can read online many accounts regarding this transition. A lot of seemed to leave Scientology because of the changes, creating what they call a ‘free zone’.

Scientology doctrine is based on works of science fiction and the functions of L. Ron Hubbard, most written in English, many of which may be purchased or found online. Other beliefs are based on multiple, retranslated texts composed in various languages, some even translated simply by former Kings centuries ago who also, due to human nature, altered them in the process. This language translation and altering makes the doctrine difficult to deconstruct clearly and plainly.

Even spiritual scholars will argue different opinions on the origins, details, foundings, goings-on of major religions. Scientology, due to it’s age, is much easier to get people to agree upon due to the broad access to information today.

It uses modern indoctrination techniques based on disguised hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis. The field of mindset was not around when other beliefs were founded, so these strategies have not been employed.

It uses contemporary indoctrination techniques used from army recruit training. These indoctrination strategies were not refined to the level these are today when other religions were founded.

There is ample recorded history from the 1950’s until now to decode exactly how it was started and how this evolved into what it is today. Consist of religions, recorded history is murky.
Based on the above, you should now understand why we are using Scientology as the prime example. There is less debate to the authenticity of the information.

All of that said, let’s deconstruct the techniques utilized by Scientology and see if they apply to other religions:

It uses totemism/symbolism.

It uses uniforms and special apparel.

It is concentrated around the works and teachings of one man, L. Ron Hubbard. This parallels the one man of Christianity (Jesus), Islam (Mohammed) and Buddhism (Buddha), etc .

It is entirely male-founded, male-dominated and male-oriented. This is a basic part of all modern religions. The key here is having a vivid awareness that all religions are created by males because of their much higher level of narcissism which effortlessly manifests into self-worship.

It uses processed adult indoctrination and child indoctrination techniques to convert a non-believer to some believer.

It creates creative programs to actively indoctrinate the children of believers. The indoctrination of children is universal to many religions and required for these to survive, both fundamentally and economically. It is far easier to indoctrinate the kid of a believer than to establish a brand new adult believer.

It uses operant health and fitness which you will find used effectively in every religious and military indoctrination. Operant conditioning, in terms of this deconstruction, is described as forced participation with threat of punishment for non-participation.

It creates rigid routines and rules to follow. Typical in all religious and military indoctrination.

It uses punishments and a system of self-discipline. Note: Humans love to be penalized and controlled. Such is why what “discipline” and “disciple” are closely related.

It has pyramid-style levels of understanding. Like many religions, it makes living out to be a great mystery that will only that particular religion holds the keys to. Scientology is unique right here because it requires more and more money to unlock “higher levels” of knowledge, comparable to Freemasonry or levels of a video sport.

It makes you sign a billion dollars year contract. Doctrine teaches you you will return to Earth at a point later on. This seemingly unique concept actually parallels Eastern reincarnation and the endless afterlife of Christianity and Islam. It also parallels infinite conception, yet that is an entirely different story.

It allows you to “start over” as a brand new person and gives you a new identification. This is paralleled in “born again” Christianity. This targets that normal human yearning to “become somebody new”, to “escape a mistaken self” and create a “new self”.

Most importantly, the effective teaching is not doctrine but self-deception, which is the essential component to all human belief. Self-deception is one of the principle components of the human problem and it is what allows any perception in an illusion to occur. In other words, with no self-deception, there can be no belief. Animals possess no self-deception, and live entirely in the present, thus they cannot believe.
As you can see, many of the components listed here are discovered throughout other religions. But listed below are several brilliant components that appear to set Scientology apart. These are the constituents (other than the basic doctrine) which seem to attract the most criticism:

This actively incorporates disguised hypnotic techniques.

It actively incorporates military indoctrination (recruit training) techniques.

It mandates that you do not listen to anything that goes towards it.

Ex-members who are banished are usually “not to be spoken to”, or you risk being banished yourself. This particular requirement to “suppress outside opposing influences” has been accounted for within Mormonism, fundamentalist Christianity and fundemantalist Islam.

It incorporates various psychological concepts. As one example, they use an e-meter similar to what is used in a lie detector test, in conjunction with psychoanalysis (talk therapy, talking about your past, etc), as part of the indoctrination process. Many may call this psuedoscience, but the “therapist” aspect of it is probably the part that works, not the e-meter portion. Remember that this component wouldn’t exist if it didn’t work to some extent.

It desires you to divulge your “secrets” [sins] that you tell them (similar to confession). The difference is that there have been accounts that these sessions have been recorded and archived. These recordings may potentially be used later against a member if they happen to be banished and become what is called “fair game”.

It seems to revolve primarily around acquiring money and using superstars for promotion.

It seems to revolve around using the judicial system in order to it’s advantage. IE, actively involved with lawsuits with ex-members and to try to silence those who critique it. FOR INSTANCE, by simply writing this article I would end up being opening myself up to a potential legal action.

There are accounts online that seem to indicate that it is difficult to smoothly transition “out of it” if you decide to no longer want to be involved “with it”.
The results: If you consider yourself a student of the human condition, Scientology uses a fascinating combination of religious indoctrination techniques, military indoctrination techniques and psychological methods such as hypnosis–all the while using the exact same fundamental components as all major religions. It is brilliantly designed.

Irrespective, the debate of any religion will rage on infinitely because of the emotional impact on it’s believers whenever their minds attempt to absorb details that conflicts with their beliefs. Cognitive dissonance is the reason why it is both risky and futile to attempt a religious conversion.