The particular short answer is “No, weight loss get a refund on this type of card you purchased. ”

I did a survey of department story policies and found that every one of them has the same policy regarding these cards.

There might be differences in the way they allow you to return items which were purchased with a gift credit card. Normally the big box stores will help you to exchange items. They are all very supportive on that score because the competitors requires it of them.
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Here is a real policy for a store whose title I deleted:

“gift cards aren’t refundable, and there are no conditions to this policy. gift card receivers may transfer their gift cards balance to another recipient. in order to do therefore , a written request must be sent to (this store) specifying: name, reason for transfer, and amount. transfers are usually final. gift cards are legitimate for 1 year from date of purchase. simply no extensions will be granted”

In one more case, a person tried to use this cards to buy an item that she obtained a 10% discount coupon with regard to. She was told she cannot use both the card and the coupon. That is very strange, I think.

Therefore , I have a better plan. Send them a nice looking check from your financial institution. It is the right size and color, is it not?

If you are the person receiving a card and you don’t require anything from that store, utilize the gift card to buy something you are able to sell at an online auction. A minimum of you will get something for your efforts.