There is a simple answer to the question ‘Is it wise to borrow money from a brand new friend? ‘ – No! The answer is always no!

For those of you who have the relaxed attitude to money, and are also reading this wondering why I am being so uptight, I can give you a multitude of reasons.

Trust in them

Just think about this one question – do you know what exactly they want in return? If you had a new friend who asked to borrow money you might do it willingly without requirement, but that doesn’t necessarily work vice verse. The friend may be planning on something in return for the service they have got given you. Ask yourself if you would want to maintain their debt with limited understanding of their behavior and values. Ladies in particular should consider this, if it is the male friend lending you the money, what will he wants in return? Do you trust him not to take advantage? Unfortunately these are all things which must be regarded as when borrowing money from a brand new friend, or really a virtual stranger.

Trust in you

It is also important to keep in mind that your new friend doesn’t really know if they can trust you to pay it back. They may be embarrassed to say no, if your relationship hasn’t reached the phase where that sort of thing can be acceptable. Do you really want to put them within the position in the first place?
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And remember, even if this particular new friend is someone you have to know very well very quickly, trust still takes time to build. Don’t imagine you have their trust because the then you don’t.

Damage to the friendship

New friendships are often delicate; do you honestly want them monitoring your expenses, glaring every time you buy a drink, or have a retail therapy session? This is quite likely to happen, particularly if your new friend felt pressured into giving the money.

You may also inadvertently make them feel that they will get rid of your friendship if they don’t provide you with money; nothing damages a companionship more than one of the parties feeling the relationship is under threat.

Your new buddy may also feel that they can’t ask for the cash back from you. If you do decide to lend money from a new friend, after that make sure you have some sort of agreed pay back scale in place. This can lessen the chances of anyone feeling awkward about pay back.

Also, don’t forget that you may feel there is damage to the friendship. What if that individual is now only friendly to you in order to get the money back? How would you really feel lying awake at night worrying about that will?

What would you think?

Finally, in the event that someone you had been friends with to get only a few months asked you for money, how would you honestly feel? Just a little used perhaps, uncomfortable? They will most likely feel the same as you would. If you need to lend money, it is OK to ask for assist, but rather than asking a new buddy, try someone you have known quite a long time and with whom you have established believe in; that road is far less dangerous to travel!