House maid agencies and partnering recruitment workplaces act as intermediaries between employers plus maids. They serve an indispensable function in bringing together two distant events, namely the affluent families who require housekeeping help, and the impoverished ladies who can offer their labour in return for regular income. Problems occur when maid agencies fail to offer this crucial link in a sufficient manner. This article examines two typical problems that prospective employers face when recruiting a maid from an agency.

List of maid bio-data is obsolete Most maid agencies do not maintain up-to-date information of their available maids. At first glance, their selection of domestic employees may appear comprehensive, complete with maid photographs, personal particulars and a brief description of their basic education, strengths plus preferences. The sad fact is many of such information are outdated, and can be found only to impress their client√®le of the supposed wide selection. Shop-front displays plus online maid agencies are especially doing this charge, as evident using their static maid bio-data showcase. Numerous agencies draw from a common swimming pool of recruited maids, and write-up this shared bio-data without checking out its current status. Some organizations do not intentionally trick their clients, but merely neglect to refresh their current maid selection in a timely manner. You can find, however , agencies that deliberately highlight the better candidates among their previous recruited maids, to create an impression of choice abundance to their customers. A number of agencies continue to advertise obsolete products from as long as five years back. We advise prospective employers to deal with the advertised maid bio-data like a rough guide, and always inquire specifically for the latest available candidates from your maid agencies. Do not waste your time and effort to sift through countless bio-data web pages, only to learn that your shortlisted house maid is, in fact , unavailable for employment. Untruthful agencies may even pretend that your preferred maid was coincidentally selected by another competing client, simply hours earlier. One agency staff members admitted to Maid Aware that she wasn’t bothered with the extra administrative work involved in sorting the published maid list, since only a handful of customer enquiries handled will result in a “confirmed sale”.
The house maid agency that you deal with has a bad track history We, at House maid Aware, are constantly amazed by the blind faith vested by many companies when choosing a maid agency. Several employers perform simple background checks from the agencies handling their maid recruitment, and suffer the consequence of delays, price escalation and substandard service, whenever their chosen agencies fail to fulfill their basic requirement. We are reminded of an old Czech adage upon carpentry — “measure twice, cut once”. When choosing a maid agency, it pays to consult your local authorities regulatory offices, consumer associations, mass media publications, friends and relatives for his or her recommendations. Your objective is to determine the problematic and blacklisted organizations to steer clear of. Unscrupulous or inexperienced agencies have a habit of repeating their past mistakes. Surely, you might have no desire of being their following unsuspecting victim, do you? Many nations that depend heavily on migrant labour maintain a registry associated with licensed maid agencies. They keep an eye on the agencies’ performance through a quantity of key indicators, such as demerit factors, maid placement volume and preservation success percentages. News archives might reveal maid agencies that operate foul of the law in their treatment of recruited maids, and those accused associated with dishonesty by past clients. The majority of this information is easily available, through the convenience of the Internet. We advise prospective companies against committing to any maid agency in haste, without some primary screening on their part. From our findings, maid agencies that advertise aggressively in the classifieds, boasting the lowest charges in the market, attract the most clients. However, many of them consistently under-deliver their claims at such bargain-basement prices. Perform your quick homework, to discern the truly competitive offers from your bogus ones. It’s definitely really worth the small investment in your time.
Maid agencies are the crucial links among employers and maids, as most individuals lack the connections and information to recruit their own maids from a foreign country. We believe that many agencies are operated by truthful and credible individuals. However , a other industry, black sheep do exist among maid agents. We hope that this article by Maid Aware will help in your selection of a quality maid company.

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Rebecca Atkins diet is a mother of two, and runs a home-based business in Asia. She has employed, trained and maintained many foreign domestic helpers regarding housekeeping and childcare responsibilities. Rebecca notes a growing reliance of maids among middle- and high-income households, as busy individuals and functioning parents contract full-time paid domestic help, to lessen their daily household chores.
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Personal accounts by friends and associates point to general insufficient understanding between most employers and maids. Worse still, cases of maid abuse, accidents, conflicts plus wrongdoings are frequently reported in the media.