A lot of parents today, much like myself, utilize modern technologies to help make the child-rearing process just a little bit easier. For instance , one of the most common tools used nowadays are apps. Yes, applications that individuals can download right onto our own mobile devices. I am always installing plus uninstalling apps as I try to use my cell phone and tablets’ storage space for apps that are most useful in my opinion. So , this weekend as I had been updating my apps and clearing out ones that no longer served me, I decided to compile this list of the 10 best apps for parents in no particular purchase. (Keep in mind: I am an iPhone consumer so not all mentioned apps might be available on Android).

What to Expect – Pregnancy and Baby: I used this app while I was carrying the youngest daughter (she is now a year old). For those who are expecting, this app has an excellent day-by-day and week-by-week guide complete with photos and you will obtain personalized updates based on your deadline. I absolutely love that feature! Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to connect with other Mothers which is nice.

Parenting Reminder a Day, A Tip: this app transmits a parenting tip to your mobile phone as a calendar reminder every day- you don’t even have to open the app. I am always seeking out more understanding on parenting, so this was perfect for me.

Baby Tracker & Digital Scrapbook – Kidfolio Pro: this particular app is truly one of my faves. It allows you to track your child’s health and development from growth and immunizations to feedings, diaper changings, pumping sessions, etc . This app really helps to keep everything you need to remember about your child organized. As an added bonus, you’ll also receive information on developmental milestones. You can also capture certain milestones on camera and organize them in to a scrapbook! This is just a great app for advice and recommendations plus socializing with other parents. I love this.

Yuggler-fun activities for kids and family members – This is a really cool app to get kid-friendly activities near you. This is perfect for active families and with the recent upgrade, they now have User-Constructed Top Charts for Kids Activities. It’s super convenient.

Animal and Tool Picture Flashcards for Babies and Toddlers by Open Options – This app does a great job of keeping my 1 year old entertained and it isn’t in any way difficult to navigate. This is also a great app to encourage speech within your young child while also helping them pair an image with the actual word. Your child can learn what audio an animal makes, the correct way to pronounce its name (in various languages) and even how to write it!

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games by Kevin Bradford LLC – The 4 year old really enjoys using this app- it keeps her hectic during car rides and is quite educational. These games focus on activities such as Counting, Alphabet, Addition, Subtraction, Transliteration, etc .

Baby Monitor Lite simply by Bipfun – This is a really cool baby monitor that can be downloaded for free. You can observe AND talk to your baby via this particular app. It also offers different animal nightlights on the screen to comfort and ease your little one.

Cozi Family Coordinator – Great way to merge the whole family’s calendars and keep track of scheduled activities and events. You can also talk about and update grocery lists and to-do lists which is a really great feature. However , I’m just going to provide you with a heads up that there are not however any privacy settings on the application. So it would be best to only include reminders and things that you want the entire family to know about.

Chorma for Tasks – This is a really good app to obtain the entire household involved in assigning tasks and to also keep track of what tasks are going undone. I no longer possess the app because my girls are very young to use it but it is great for families with older kids.

Telephone for Kids – All in One Activity Center for Children: this app is really a must-have for me as my 1 year old loves to play on the phone and pretend (well, sometimes she isn’t pretending) to contact people. She is in love with this application and so am I. She may pretend to text and talk on the phone and there are also additional little fun games built in
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