Now that you have decided that you need a good strong cover for your iPhone, you need to know two titles: Griffin and Otterbox. These titles are becoming quite popular amongst consumers who really want to protect their iPhones. Griffin has produced the iPhone Survivor case while Otterbox have produced the apple iphone Defender case.

Now like just about all manufacturers in competition with each other they both produce products with many from the same features. Distinguishing which specific version of these features is more appropriate for you can be quite tricky. That is exactly where product reviews come into it, and there are numerous platforms from which you can search for good testimonials.

YouTube is a great place to look for testimonials and even product testing. There are excellent videos on YouTube that show people flinging their Defender and Survivor clad iPhones high into the air so that they can capture the result on camera for the viewing pleasure. You can also search through customer reviews on the individual manufacturer’s websites or even just as easily Google the item with the word review and a multitude of review pages will be available for your own perusal.
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A few of the main features that I have noticed that are similar about the two different cases is the basic material that they are made out of. Both cases are made from a hard body of polycarbonate and also a soft shock absorbing outer skin associated with silicone. They are both also pre-loaded with a built in screen protector and silicone flaps that seal the ports and buttons to protect form dust and water. Each case style has a protruding polycarbonate frame throughout the screen to help prevent direct get in touch with between the screen and other surfaces when the iPhone is dropped. That particular function can take a bit of getting used to because the frame can make it difficult to use the very edge of the screen.

The flaps on the Otterbox Defender are seen by some as being incomplete, as not every place that you would want to prevent water and dust from entering is definitely covered. Whereas on the Griffin Survivor every possible point of entry is definitely protected by a silicone flap, including the camera on the back of the apple iphone. The flap covering the camera is seen as a nuisance by some consumers as it is not really a point that can be impacted by dust and water, yet it really is annoying to have to move the flap for taking photos. The Defender has a thinner outer silicone skin which has helped to streamline the case to make it more aesthetically appealing. The Survivor’s outer silicone skin was designed which includes serious shock absorbing ability, with heavier bumpers placed on the corners plus edges. These bumpers are placed in these strategic spots as these will likely be the very first point of contact with another surface area when the iPhone is dropped.

These types of cases both cost around the exact same amount which is far less than a fresh iPhone screen and even perhaps a whole new iPhone. The screens are notorious for breaking with even the slightest drop, so what’s some dollars to save you hundreds?