How can you go about making difficult decisions concerning hardwood floor decor choices? Simple!
First of all, it is important to understand different elements that must be considered. Furniture that you already own, will play a major role within the decorating process. The adjoining ground coverings located in the rest of your house as well as your budget.

Among other things that must be considered, will be age of your children, and size and number of pets you own. Seams irrelevant, doesn’t it? It actually is quite essential.

When contemplating the hardwood flooring decor of your home you must first consider the age of your children, as well as the size of the dog or even cat. Those is going to be great factors that will determine the species you choose.
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If your children are small, and use toys like Tonka trucks with big black auto tires, you can be sure that sooner, rather then second option those tires will leave a few ugly marks on your new hardwood floors. What’s worst, the dents, and scratches will happen. For that small reason it would be better to choose hardwood that will stand up to those little foot, and Tonka trucks.

What about your pup? Is it a large breed, with lengthy sharp nails, that you can not video yourself, and the trip to the groomer’s is quite a chore? Or maybe you simply have this young cat, full of energy, which usually turns the corners, slipping plus sliding across your floor? Any kind of softer wood like red oak or ash will not withstand individuals little claws. Today’s varnishes for on site finishes are so far better then those used years ago, however they will not protect your wood, through that kind of damage.

You may think it could be a different if you choose a factory completed product, with several layers associated with varnish and stain. All thou the quality of the factory applied varnish on the “pre-finished” wood is much larger then the one applied on site, it still will get damaged if not guarded, cleaned and maintained properly. Even top of the line finish will eventually obtain damaged by your dog’s sharp nails, by high hills of your guests or by rough play of the kids. It’s best to be prepared, know what to anticipate, and what is involved in the maintenance plus protection process.

How about those interiors that you are trying to improve? For years a person heard from interior designers, and read in decorating magazines that you need to use one kind of wood inside your hardwood floor decor style. It would mean that if you were blessed with your grandmother’s dinning set in natural oak, the only choice that you have is an organic oak floor to go with it. I actually beg to differ. Thought out the years I have proven repeatedly, that not only species but also stain colours as well as different flooring materials can be mixed and used together in your home successful. You need to follow some easy rules, but you can have fun and be different from your neighbor down the street.

“What if I have an open concept home? Am i able to still work with different wood unsightly stains or species? ” Yes you can! You need to remember to use the colors using the same undertones, or in other words keep warm colors together and do not introduce any cold colors, or vice versa, if you like colder feeling colours, use those, but leave the warmer ones out. Do not go over board and use more than three or more types or colors of wooden. That may not work so properly. hardwood floor decor

If your house has an open concept layout, your hardwood floor decor must consider the natural boundaries of particular areas with that open space. If for example, your kitchen features bleached oak cabinetry with warm, peach undertones, your floor choice in the next to family room may be the matching strip flooring, or reddish based medium stained strip. To figure out what would work, you have to consider the existing furniture in your great room. If you have dark colored sofas, and prefer not to use the area rugs, (personally, I do not recommend them on your hard wood, as they will change the color of your floor in the covered areas)to make the sofa stand out in the room, you would have to stick with lighter color floor.

Perhaps, you are not as brave as some, and therefore are not willing to install hardwood flooring in your kitchen the obvious choice in this situation would be a tile floor. Since your kitchen is probably smaller than various other adjoining areas, make sure that you decide on the particular style and design of the larger area, choose your wood first and then work with it by choosing a tile which has the same tonal balance and colour value as the wood that your select.